Best Foods for Hair Growth

Hair is the most noticeable part of the beauty that enhances the personality of every human being. It is so essential that it could change the appearance of a person completely. However, in recent times the biggest concern people have about their hair is “hair fall”. It has been studied that hair fall these days is not limited up to the age factor alone. With the growing everyday stress and quick lifestyle people are facing tension and depression issues which are considered to be the major reason of hair fall. Depending upon the factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, and hereditary the hair grows from 1.25 cm per month and 15 cm per year.

Now a day’s, there are several supplements and hair growth therapies available in the market. But, before you opt for that you should be aware of their possible side effects. Opting for a natural way of hair growth could be a wise choice. If you already have hair fall, don’t stress yourself. Well! Distressing alone will not help controlling hair fall, but a healthy
diet too.

And yes, you can’t stop it but you can take control of it. Yes, you read that right. You can take control. Eating the right nutrients helps you in it. Here are a few food items that can help increasing hair growth.


Egg contains the richness of protein and biotin. These are the two nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. It is important to consume adequate protein to increase the growth of hair follicles. Meanwhile, biotin helps in producing a chemical called keratin. This helps to generate hair protein growth.


Berries are rich in vitamin C that are essential in increasing hair growth. Vitamin C contains strong antioxidant properties that protect hair follicles against damages. These damages are caused due to the molecules called free radicals.


Spinach is good for overall health. When it comes to hair, it is loaded with more nutrients like vitamin A, C, iron, and folate. Presence of vitamin A aids the skin glands to generate sebum. Also, the oil content in the substance helps the hair moisture. Research suggests that 30 grams of spinach contain 54% of vitamin A required for a whole day. Furthermore, it contains iron that helps to carry oxygen to repair the damaged hair.


Fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. A study made on 120 women taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements for hair growth. The result showed that significantly it reduced the hair fall. Furthermore, it instills protein, vitamin D3, B, and selenium.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene. The chemicals in the body convert that into vitamin A that is linked with hair growth. 114 grams of sweet potato contains enough vitamins to carry for a day. It encourages the hair to grow thick and maintains hair follicles from regressing.


Nuts are a great source of various nutrients that help in hair growth. 37% of nuts are more than enough to carry out the entire day of hair growth. Also, nuts contain zinc, fatty acids, and vitamin B. This helps you from vitamin deficiency and hair loss.


The presence of spermidine in soybean is essential for hair growth. In a study, 100 healthy people were given the spermidine-based nutritional supplement for an active period of time. As a result, the individuals found growing healthy hair with strong hair follicles. Besides, test-tube studies have also recorded spermidine supports hair growth