Conscious Ways to Reduce your Food Waste

Food – the reason for our survival. The most essential one but still people waste it; without realizing that there are so many people around the globe who beg for food and often sleep hungry every night. Food waste is an immense problem that we don’t realize in our daily life. One of the shocking statistics is that around the world, one-third of the produced food is getting wasted. That yearly equals to 1.3 billion tons.

This blog shows light on the ways to reduce food waste. Reading this blog could help a bit in minimizing the habit of wasting food and hopefully we would stop doing this.

Buy Smart

Many people for their convenience buy food items in bulk; so that they do not have to visit grocery stores daily or weekly. On the contrary, this belief according to researchers is the biggest reason for food wastage. Every food item has a time limit of usage. If you keep storing all the items in bulk it will either get expired, will get fungus, or will give you health issues. In all the cases it is wastage.

Following good habits makes you a hustle free person. Make a habit of listing the items that you have shopped on your previous trip and what is required well in advance to avoid overloading of items. If you tend to forget things, put a sticky note somewhere in the kitchen.

This could cut down on wastage from your impulse shopping.

Proper Food Storage

Massive food wastage is due to improper food storage. 

A study conducted by Natural Resource Defense Council says two-thirds of household waste is due to improper food management. Many people lack the knowledge and are unaware of the proper storing of fruits and veggies. This could lead to rotten produce. 

For instance, some items like onion, potatoes, and garlic should not be refrigerated. These should be put at room temperature. Whereas, some food produce ethylene gas, which spoils other foods also. Hence separating those items reduces food spoilage.

Choose what you Like

At times we come across a situation, where we just buy food items that we don’t like but buy it anyway. We should not forget that buying just for fashion is not at all feasible, both for the taste and our pockets too. 

Picking an item like this will be liked until you buy it. If it doesn’t suit your taste, it will be total wastage and certainly will be thrown out.

Pleasant looking eyes don’t have an extra taste.

Don’t Clutter your Fridge

Well stocked food in the fridge is also coupled with food waste. Help yourself by de-cluttering your fridge regularly. It may save many items from getting spoiled. Sometimes they forget the leftovers and leave them in the fridge untouched and later throw them out.

Most people use leftovers only for holidays which should be vice versa. In my opinion, one should store the leftovers in a glass container so that you don’t miss it. After all its cooked food, you have put in your effort in preparing. Make a habit of finishing leftovers the very next day to avoid overloading the refrigerator and later wasting it.

This way you will save precious food from being wasted.

Know the limits 

When you cook, anticipate how many family members will consume and cook accordingly. This reduces food waste and lowers the leftovers drastically. 

In case, if cooked excessively then invite a neighbor or friend to have a bite with you.

The bottom line is there are plenty of ways to save food from getting wasted. It is our social responsibility to take this matter up and not to be a part of this. 

I believe, somehow people these days have become money-centric unless they calculate the loss in monetary terms they don’t understand.

Try to calculate the wastage of food by money. You will know the worth of it!

Save Food, Save Life.