Find Out How Much Red Rice Is Good For Health? Red Rice Health Benefits, Side Affects And Lot More

Nowadays, people have better choices for varieties of rice. It is not limited to brown, boiled, and plain white rice. You have a great option of Red rice. It tastes good and is full of nutrition values. Do you want to know about Red rice in detail? Is red rice is good for health? What are Red rice benefits and side effects? If yes, this guide will introduce with full information. So, continue reading about a distinct type of rice.

Red Rice Knowledge and Interesting Facts

The red color of the rice is due to the presence of anthocyanin content, makes it as Red Rice. The substance is water-soluble content that brings out the color in fruit, grains, and vegetable. This kind of rice has no hulling or partial hulling and has a red husk, which is different from the more common brown rice. Compared with polished rice varieties, red rice has a nutty taste and has high nutritional value. You may be shocked to know there is a huge variety of Red Rice, let’s learn about them in detail.

The Eight Different Varieties of Red Rice to Choose

  • Oryza longistaminata Red rice is native to most regions of sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. It is commonly found in the place.
  • Oryza punctata is a distinct type of Red Rice variety. Its crops are found in southern Africa, tropical Africa, and Madagascar.
  • Next is the Thai Red Cargo Rice. It is completely non-glutinous long-grain rice. Many believe that it is similar to brown rice and not polished.
  • Bhutanese red rice originates in Bhutan. It is a medium-grain rice and staple food for all people there.
  • Camargue is another type of red rice that is grown in the wetlands of the Camargue region in southern France.
  • Kerala people also consume Red Rice that is known as Rosematta rice and Palakkadan Matta. This variety of rice grown is found in the Palakkad area of ​​Kerala. It is popular for its stoutness and health benefits. Even many Sri Lanka people love to eat it.
  • Ulikan or mini-angan is family heirloom red rice from Ifugao and Kalinga in the Philippines.
  • Rakthashali is a very rare red rice found in the country.

After knowing the different red rice availability in the market, let’s know about the top brand that offers 100% quality Red Rice for consumption. But, before taking a quick look at the significant comparison.

Choose The Best Organic Red Rice

Many brands in the market sell chemical Red Rice. The color is not natural it is processed. It is why even eating red rice; your body doesn’t get any nutritional values. So, don’t get befooled by these random brands. Try 100% natural and highly nutritious Red Rice from Vedic India Organics. They are the top brand in producing the finest food product with all the natural values. So, switch to Organic Red Rice for wholesome richness.

Read The Surprising Red Rice Health Benefits For Human Health

Organic Red Rice Benefit for obesity

The Red rice has a lot of buzz in the food industry and people are curious to know about its health benefits. It has no such fat content and good for people on diet or wants to shed weight. Since the outer layer of rice remains intact, it is full of soluble and insoluble fibers, all of which come from.

  1. Benefits of red rice for skin:

Red rice is full of vitamin and iron content. Eating red rice helps in the formation of RBCs and your skin health becomes better. The antioxidants in rice may help fight free radicals, thereby protecting our skin from premature aging.

  1. Maintain blood sugar levels

If you love rice but cannot eat rice due to the risk of diabetes, then red rice is your best choice. Red rice with low blood sugar levels is very effective in controlling blood sugar levels. Red rice contains drugs that regulate insulin, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. Cook it with vegetables to prepare healthy meals.

  1. Rich Source of Iron

Iron is one of the most important minerals we need because it helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Lack of iron in the human body can result in poor immunity. It is might the reason you feel weak or tired all the time. The red rice consumption can do take out the weakness and gives instant energy.

  1. Provides Vitamin B6 To Body

To obtain optimal health and prevent chronic diseases, we must consume it from the outside. As you know already know Vitamin B6 production in the body is a necessity. It helps in the formation of RBCs and DNA synthesis. Lack of this vitamin can cause some health problems. So, if you include Red rice in your diet, a good source of Vitamin B6 is given to your body.

Who and When Should Not Eat Re Rice? – Learn Side Effects

Red rice may have Monacolin K presence which is a substance found in cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin. Its disadvantage can see in liver damage and muscle disease (myopathy). Red Rice for pregnant women has still no great studies. Scientists and nutrition are working on it. So, for the pregnancy avoid red rice to be on the safe side. Some studies also inform that red yeast rice products contain a contaminant called citrinin, which can cause kidney failure. If you are taking red rice as a meal, avoid Alcohol consumption it can result in liver damage. Also, do not consume the immunosuppressive drug with red rice. It may cause myopathy.

The Conclusion

Nowadays people are cautious about what they eat and how their body reacts to it. Many believe that exercise and balance are prominent components of a healthy body. One of the great ingredients for a healthy and fit body is Red rice. The adequate consumption of it provides immense benefit to human health. Also, it is recommended that if you are allergic or pregnant, consult your doctor and then take any move. In the above article we have mentioned the complete red rice health benefits along with other facts.