Know About Forbidden Organic Black Rice – Usage & Benefits

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Black rice, also considered the forbidden rice, is one of the healthiest rice varieties available in the market. Why not choose a healthy and organic variety of rice if you have an option? Black rice is not that commonly available in the market like white or brown rice. Also, many people are not aware of this variety of rice. So, here we are going to tell you about the organic black rice benefits, how to cook it, and many other facts about forbidden rice. Read on!

What Is Organic Black Rice – Quick Explanation

Black rice is dark-colored rice. When cooked, its color turns into a deep purple. Organic black sticky rice has fewer calories and more proteins and carbohydrates as compared to other varieties of rice. Black rice is a rich source of polyphenols. These are plant nutrients having antioxidant properties. There are endless organic black rice benefits. It helps to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and even weight gain.

The origin of organic black rice is in China. It is believed that only the royal families were allowed to consume black rice in earlier times as it was rare and healthier. So, as others were forbidden to consume black rice, it is also called the forbidden rice or Emperor’s rice. It is important to select the best organic black rice. So read and find which one is the best.

How to Cook Organic Black Rice? – Some Tips

The organic black sticky rice is denser than regular white rice. This is the main reason why black rice takes more time for cooking than any other variety of rice. The following are some tips that will help you in cooking black rice better and more effectively.

1. If you want the best results, soak your black rice atleast one hour before cooking.

2. It is suggested to soak it for several hours to avoid more cooking time. This way, you will make all the nutrients of rice more absorbable.

3. After soaking, you have to rinse and clean the organic black rice nicely.

4. Now, please put it on the stove and use two cups of water for every one cup of black rice.

5. If you have soaked the rice well, boil for a half-hour. In case rice is not well soaked, boil for one hour.

6. Finally, check the texture of black sticky rice and check if it has become chewable. If not, boil for a little more time. Once cooked, the color of black rice will turn into a deep purple.

List of Organic Black Rice Benefits

Organic black rice is full of nutrition and is one of the healthiest varieties of rice available. It is rich in many nutrients and has numerous properties that will help you stay fit and healthy. Here is the list of some of the many benefits of organic black rice.

1. Natural detoxifier

2. Rich in antioxidants

3. Prevents the risk of diabetes

4. Rich in fiber and proteins

5. Boosts heart health

6. Gluten-free naturally

7. Aids in weight loss

8. Contains anti-cancer properties

9. Contains anthocyanin, the plant protein

10. Prevents the risk of obesity

Where to Buy Organic Black Rice – Choose the Best Option

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Summing up

In the above blog, we have explained what forbidden rice is. Also, we have listed organic black rice benefits that keep you healthy and strong. As many people do not know how to cook it, we have given some tips for cooking black rice also. Vedic India is one of the finest dealers in Organic products all over India. It is suggested to go for the Vedic organic black rice, which is prepared using the best organic methods ensuring the best quality.