Organic Food to control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is the most common preventable risk factor of heart disease. Over 2 billion people around the world have high blood pressure, which is defined as systolic blood pressure (measures the pressure in your arteries when your heartbeat) value of 132mm Hg (mercury).

  A healthy diet is essential for lowering blood pressure and maintains optimal levels that include certain food in your diet especially those high in specific nutrients like potassium and magnesium reduce blood pressure levels.

  Lifestyle is an important role in treating your high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, reduce the need for medication.

Some of the organic foods are:-

  • Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are a good source of anti-oxidants, magnesium, zinc, and fatty acid which may help to keep your heart healthy. Pumpkin seed potential to increase nitric oxide generation in your body may be organize for its’ positive effect on heart health.

          The nutrients in pumpkin seeds may help to keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure and increase good cholesterol.

  • Chia Seeds: Chia seeds contain quercetin (which means a yellow crystalline pigment present in the plants used as a food supplement to reduce boost immunity). While cutting back on salt, greasy and fried food is one to mitigate the risk of developing high blood pressure, including certain foods, may help you manage blood pressure.
  • Flax Seeds: A flax seed is a rich dietary source of alpha-linolenic acid (is the plant based omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that must be obtained through the diet) lignans and fiber with several positive health benefit on blood pressure. Add the 30 grams of milled flaxseeds to their diet each day for six months.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon help to control blood pressure may same in everyone. It can be tried by sprinkling cinnamon powder on foods. Cinnamon can be added in your diet by making adding it to you as a flavoring agent to almost every dish. Cinnamon is also a source of anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties which can also imply in direct hypertension. Cinnamon in control weight and blood sugar also is a mechanism for blood pressure improvement.
  • Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds are also a great source of magnesium. Healthy eating can play a crucial role in receive off high blood pressure. Sunflower seeds release a peptide that inhibits the body production of an enzyme that known to raise blood pressure.