Pickles is good for you.

Pickle is an ancient food preservation technique. People can make pickles from almost any food but, pickles are mango pickles and green chilli pickles.

  The longtime traditional favorite and unwavering companion to your favorite sandwich, pickle are chock full of crunchy, delicious. As it turns out our old school day’s food might be great for your health to boot.

     People preserve some pickles in a fermented (means is the process in which a substance breaks down into a smaller substances) brine (is the high concentration of the salt (NaCl)) that contains the useful bacteria that means it can be an acceptable addition to a healthful diet.

Organic Green Chilli Pickle

Green Chilli pickle is also known as ‘Hari Mirch ka Achar’, is a popular condiment in Indian cuisine. The selection of green chilli that is pickled with lemon juice and oil and a flavorful mixture of seasoning, with a big significance on ground mustard seeds. Indian pickle is highly popular as a condiment for spicing up many Indian meals served as a side dish and spooned (something with a spoon) over the dish.

Organic Mango Pickle

The pickling process in India differs from other regions due to an additional spice mixture add to them after anaerobic (requiring an absence of free oxygen) fermentation. Mango pickle is prepared to depend on the regions and the spices used in the cut mango pickle. Mango is especially used just for pickling and it is never consuming as ripe fruit.

Benefits of pickles are:-

  • Restore electrolyte balance: Electrolytes are salt that the body needs for healthy functioning. The person experience dehydration may also lose electrolytes (which is the substance that conducts electric current as a result of separation into +ve and -ve charged particles).
  • Control blood sugar: Pickles that use the vinegar-based brine (NaCl) may help to control blood glucose. Blood Glucose can help to prevent feelings of intense hunger. People who are interested in a relative way help to control blood sugar consider eating pickles food with the meal.
  • Help to fight with Spleen Cancer: Pickle was effective at combating spleen cancer (is the under the rib cage on the left side of the body) in mice could lead to the development of new human cancer treatment in the future.
  • Help Restless Legs: Pickle juice is a traditional folk remedy that can help with treating restless leg syndrome. The high concentration of electrolytes may have a role in soothing these symptoms.
  • Good for Digestion: Vinegar is a fermented food; the vinegar in pickle juice is actually good for the digestive system. It encourages the growth and the healthy balance of good bacteria and flora in your guts.
  • PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) Remedy: Pickle juice is considered an effective home remedy as it helps alleviate (symptoms using relaxation technique) cramp and also help curb salt craving that many women while menstruating.