Arahar Dal/ Tur Dal


  1. Organic Arahar Dal is 100% pure and has all the nutrition of a balanced diet.
  2. It is a great food source for pregnant women as it is rich in Folic Acid.
  3. It is loaded with fibers to heal digestive system issues like constipation.
  4. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates to give energy & stamina to the body.
  5. Organic Arahar Dal helps in curing cough, gastric troubles, stomach pain, etc.
  6. It also helps in fighting against anemia, cancer, inflammation, and weight loss issues.
  7. Tur Dal is rich in phosphorus and helps you build strong bones.
  8. Organic Arahar Dal has high magnesium content that strengthens overall immunity.
  9. Tur Dal contains antioxidants that help to fight oxidative stress & depression.

Vedic India Organic, Arahar Dal is no. 1 choice of families to enjoy healthy and natural food.

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