Chana Kabuli


  1. Organic Chana Kabuli is an excellent replacement for meat in Vegetarian and Vegan diet.
  2. They are high in protein and fiber that help you control your appetite.
  3. Eat 104 grams of Chana Kabuli for 12 weeks to take away junk food.
  4. The quality of Organic Chana Kabuli protein is far better than non-organic.
  5. The rich protein content helps from weight management to bone health.
  6. It is beneficial for type 2 Diabetic patients by reducing the blood sugar level.
  7. Organic Kabuli lowers the risk of reduced risk of irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer.
  8. It increases healthy bacteria in the gut and helps to excrete waster efficiently.
  9. They are a great source of Magnesium and Potassium that boost Heart health.

Vedic India Organic, Chana Kabuli, is incredibly healthy food to include in your diet.

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