Dhania/Coriander Whole


  1. It is one of the best herbs to support digestion without adding weight to pitta.
  2. It can eliminate excess calories in the body and help imbalances associated with menopause.
  3. Organic Coriander powder helps to support the proper functioning of the kidney and urination.
  4. It is made from the most natural coriander leaves that bring an exotic taste.
  5. Organic Dhania powder can help relieve constipation and ensure regular bowel movements.
  6. The dietary fiber present can bind bile salts and prevent them from being absorbed by the colon.
  7. It controls the lipid digestion process and lowers cholesterol levels to make the heart-healthy.
  8. Consuming coriander powder in food can ensure protection against cold viruses.
  9. It helps to improve the digestive system, and can also control weight.

Vedic India Organics, Coriander Powder is the top quality product with values of Mother Nature and gives a fantastic taste.

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