Flax Seeds


  1. Organic Flax Seed has protective effect to fight against breast cancer, prostate cancer, & colon cancer.
  2. It may lower the risk of Heart disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and other health issues.
  3. It contains plant-based ALA fatty acids that proven for heart health and reduce the risk of stroke.
  4. It has antioxidant & estrogen properties that help reduce the risk of cancer and improve health.
  5. Adding flaxseed to diet can promote regular bowel movements and improve digestive system.
  6. The high fiber helps lower cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health.
  7. Organic Flaxseed is useful for lower blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.
  8. A plant-based protein and  an excellent alternative for  meat for non vegetarians
  9. Its insoluble fiber content, it may lower blood sugar, beneficial for diabetics.

Vedic Organic India, Flex Seed are great source of omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber and controls several health issues.

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250 Gms

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