1. It is 100% pure honey extracted from natural bee-pollen and offers several health benefits.
  2. Organic Honey has high antioxidant; flavonoids  reduces the risk of Heart Attack, Strokes, etc.
  3. It has very much low calories than white & brown sugar and contains natural sweetness.
  4. Limited amount of honey is  good replacement of refined sugar for people who have type 2 Diabetes. 
  5. Consuming Honey can help improve the  cholesterol levels in the blood.
  6. Including honey in your regular diet plan can improve triglyceride levels.
  7. Organic honey is useful to dilate heart arteries and increase blood flow to the heart.
  8. It is an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers and nourishes surrounding tissue.
  9. It can help for treating other skin diseases & burn  (including psoriasis and herpes lesions)

Vedic India Organics, Honey is a natural sweetening agent and has medical values for a healthy body.

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