Moong Dal Whole


  1. It is rich in Folate, Vitamin B9, or Folic acid that helps produce and maintain RBCs.
  2. Organic Whole Moong Dal is excellent for pregnant women to have enough Folate.
  3. Its has rich antioxidant properties cure blood vessels of damage and lower inflammation.
  4. A cup of Organic Whole Moong Dal has 28% protein content and beneficial for metabolism.
  5. Zinc from Moong Dal helps in hormone production, including testosterone and ovary egg.
  6. The nutrients in Whole Moong Dal are helpful to treat night blindness.
  7. The presence of Magnesium content helps in the formation of strong teethes and bones.
  8. It is also a useful brain and nerve functioning that means a bright and productive mind.
  9. Being a reliable food product of Vitamin B1, it extracts energy from food and converts it into ATP.

Vedic India Organics, Whole Moong Dal is extracted from the plant and has all vital components for a healthy lifestyle.

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