Organic Maida


  1. Organic Maida is high in carbohydrates that provide energy for daily tasks.
  2. It contains more vitamin, minrals and enzymes then normal maida.
  3. It has the least amount of Alloxan that destroys beta cells in the pancreas and reduces risk of  diabetes.
  4. Organic Maida controls blood sugar levels and digestive acidity.
  5. It is prepared from the endosperm (the innermost part) of the wheat grain and without fiber.
  6. No more concern about Weight gain or obesity when using Organic Maida for dishes.
  7. It is free from toxic chemicals in Maida flour, such as Alloxan and Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.
  8. It is 100% healthy and free from additional wheat gluten.
  9. Organic Maida is fresh and nutrients rich that prevents Arthritis, Cataract, heart diseases.
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1 Kg

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