1. It is the most loved food & healthy product consumed by people of ages.
  2. The best thing is that Lactose and Fat-free and no risk to health.
  3. Organic Poha is excellent for people with Gluten allergy and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  4.  It is a balanced diet and contains iron, Vitamin B1 and healthy carbohydrates, proteins, etc.
  5. It has high fiber content so good for  people with indigestion problems.
  6. It is healthy and included in the diet plan of people worried about calorie intake.
  7. Organic Poha doesn’t contain pesticides or harmful chemicals and maintains nutritional value.
  8. Lactating or pregnant women should consume Poha to reduce the risk of gestational anemia.
  9. Poha with vegetables has the least calories and gives vitamins and antioxidant content to the body. 

Vedic India Organics, Poha is made from the best organic rice and easy to digest with high nutrition values.

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