Rai/Mustard Small Black


  1. It can treat the common cold, joint, and muscle pain (rheumatism) and arthritis.
  2. Organic black mustard seeds can relieve water retention (puffiness) by increasing urine production.
  3. Organic Black mustard small seeds are a rich source of dietary fiber, essential for cardiovascular health.
  4. It contains significant levels of certain minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium essential for health.
  5. Black mustard seeds are carotenes that help to protect your body from free radical damage.
  6. It has glucosinolates, one of which is called sinigrin and far-reaching health benefits.
  7. The fibers you get from organic black mustard seeds help prevent constipation.
  8. It is good for your cholesterol level and can effectively prevent heart disease and stroke.
  9. Organic black mustard seeds are nutritious, pleasant, and contain no pesticides and other chemicals.

Vedic India Organics, Small Black Mustard seed is 100% certified & produced from sustainable farming.

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