Sunflower Cold Pressed Oil


  1. It has beneficial nutrients and protects from  infections by keeping immunity strong.
  2. Organic Sunflower cold press oil is useful for cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Cold pressing method is the process of crushing seeds and extracting oil through pressure.
  4. Vitamin A and Vitamin E content act as antioxidants and help in promoting skin health. 
  5. The oil is light and non-greasy and gets absorbed in the skin without blocking pores.
  6. Eating organic sunflower cold pressing helps to metabolize glycogen from the liver into blood.
  7. It helps to soften dry, frizzy hair and adds a beautiful shine and may use as the conditioner.
  8. Organic sunflower is rich in antioxidants and can also strengthen the cell membrane barrier.
  9. Sunflower oil also has mild laxative properties and can help prevent constipation.

Vedic India Organics, Sunflower Cold Press oil has the best quality and naturally extracted from the sunflower seed.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 24 cm

1 Ltr/910 Gm

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