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  1. Organic green tea is a perfect immune booster.
  2. By drinking organic tea, you can reduce your weight as it burns stored fat in your body at a faster rate. So, green tea is good for weight loss.
  3. Vedic India’s Organic tea improves brain function. Caffeine is present in adequate amounts that help in keeping the brain active.
  4. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make green tea good for the skin. It brings a natural glow and combats signs of ageing like wrinkles.
  5. Green tea is a healthy drink. Its regular intake prevents pathological reactions.
  6. Those who drink green tea are at low risk of cardiovascular diseases. Organic green tea increases life expectancy.
  7. The antimicrobial properties of green tea protect us from fungal and bacterial infections.
  8. It prevents diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, and controls cholesterol levels.
  9. Organic green tea is beneficial for diabetes patients also.
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