Til/Sesame White natural


  1. Organic Sesame White Natural is healthier and tastier for people of all age groups.
  2. It has nutrition values of Iron, Protein, Calcium, and Phosphorus essential for the human body.
  3. They are easily digestible and reduce inflammation that keeps the stomach healthy.
  4. It helps reduce heart disease risk, including elevated triglyceride and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.
  5. Organic Sesame White is a good source of protein, a necessary building block for the body.
  6. They are rich in magnesium, which can lower and control blood pressure.
  7. White sesame seeds are particularly rich in calcium essential for bone health.
  8. It is a good source of vitamin B6, which is necessary for normal cell function and metabolism.
  9. They provide iron, copper, and vitamin B6 for blood cell formation and function.

Vedic India Organics, Sesame White Natural is produced and refined in the purest form, and flavor & nutrition remains intact.

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