Wheat Flour (Atta)


  1. Organic Wheat Flour processed under farmers’ assistance and is 100% pure.
  2. Whole Wheat Flour gives nutrients like proteins, vitamin B complex. iron, calcium, antioxidants and dietary fibers.
  3. It cures wheat fungal diseases like Barley Yellow Dwarf, Ergot, Downy Mildew, etc.?????
  4. The taste of wheat is sweet and perfect for all cooking and baking needs.
  5. 100% safe from potential toxins, chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides.
  6. It is rich in vitamins B1 which is essential for glucose metabolism and to release of  from food. 
  7. Organic Whole Wheat Flour is healthier for humans of all ages.
  8. People who follow the Paleo diet can consume organic wheat flour.
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Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 41 cm

5 Kg

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